On October 10, 1989, a request was made by the Rotary Club of Bay City, MI, to undertake the formation of a new club known as the Morning Rotary Club of Bay City. The territorial limits were to be the same as the Bay City Rotary Club–that is, all of Bay City and Bay County.

Robert Sanborn was appointed as the Governor’s special representative, and a committee of nine Rotarians was appointed to establish the provisional club.

The incorporating meeting of the Morning Rotary Club of Bay City was held February 1, 1990, at The Lion’s Den with incorporators Robert Fudge, Richard Gustafson, Robert Sanborn and Gerald VanAlst voting for the following slate of directors:  Jerry Marchlewicz, Bob Sanborn, Mel Adelman, Dave Quimby as Treasurer, Connie Deford as Secretary, Bob Fudge as President-elect, and Jerry VanAlst as the club’s first President. Our Constitution and Bylaws were adopted at this incorporating meeting.

The names of 34 members were provided to Rotary International as Charter members of the Club and regular meetings commenced in February, with the first board of directors meeting March 1, 1990.  Programs were scheduled for the second and fourth Thursdays of each month.

On April 25, 1990, the Noon Club celebrated their 75th Anniversary at the Country Club.  On that same day, Rotary International chartered the Bay City Morning Club.