One of a kind triathlon! The Bay City Morning Rotary is proud to host the Driathlon. This is a signature fundraising event for our club and we are excited to share it with you and the City of Bay City. The Driathlon is a unique event that changes the typical triathlon with canoeing instead of swimming, and new this year, Kayaking. The event has been a huge success! Teams of two compete against each other in a “team” or “relay” format. New this year will be the individual kayak division.  Canoe/kayak on the Saginaw River, Bike on a closed course on Bay City streets, and run on the scenic riverwalk is what you’ll be experiencing to compete at the Driathlon, and it all kicks off from the transition area situated at Veterans Memorial Park.

As a club we are very happy with the outcome and excited about the prospects of our signature event. The money raised are granted to organizations in Bay County.  Participants have come from all over the state to experience Bay City and its surroundings. Help make this a big draw allowing the Bay City Morning Rotary Club to disperse funds to local charities.


Canoe  Division Prices:

February 1st – May 31st             $130

June 1st – July 31st                    $140

August 1st – September 14th     $150

Individual Kayak Division Prices:

Kayak Provided           Your Kayak

February 1st – May 31st                              $60                              $50

June 1st – July 31st                                     $65                              $55

August 1st – September 14th                      $70                              $60

Registration can be done on ACTIVE.COM, or, by clicking on the “REGISTER NOW” button below. Registration starts on February 1st and will continue through September 14th.  Register early so we can plan for you.  Late entries CANNOT be guaranteed a race shirt. The field is maxed at 200 teams/relays and 50 Kayakers. Entry fee includes a tech shirt, canoe (or kayak) rental, medal, bag; prizes, food, chip timing and an opportunity to mingle with cool Rotarians…don’t miss out!


Cancellations: Sorry, no refunds–entry can be transferred to next year’s event if notification is received prior to the Friday before event date. Email John Shankool at john@shankool.com

Here’s the low-down so pay attention!!! 🙂

Team/Relay Canoe Division: 5K Canoe (PROVIDED), 20K Bike (closed course), 5K Run (paved). Done as a two person team OR two person relay.  TEAM, both partners will participate in all 3 events; canoe>bike>run.  RELAY, both partners will canoe, one partner will bike and the other partner will run (or one person will bike AND run) when the biker is finished. Age Category is COMBINED AGE OF PARTNERS.

If racing as a TEAM both partners will participate in all 3 events; canoe>bike>run, and times will be combined for awards. If racing as a relay both partners will canoe, one partner will bike and the other partner will run (or both canoe and one person can bike AND run).

  1. Decide if you are doing it as a Canoe Team or Relay
  2. Both male, both female or co-ed and
  3. Combine your ages and you will either be in under 80 or 80+ divisions.

If you or your partner have trouble using addition to find the sum of your combined ages, our children will perform the necessary calculations for a $10 fee. A wrong answer on your part will automatically qualify you for the fee.

Individual Kayak Division: 5K Paddle (use your own or rent), 20K Bike (closed course), 5K Run (paved).  Option of using your own kayak or we provide the kayak (different price points).

Registration is done as an individual and the main decision you need to make is will you want to rent a kayak or use your own (don’t mess this up!).  There are no rules regarding the type of kayak you own but you must use a life vest.  A rented kayak will be a single person with paddle and life vest included.

Canoes and kayaks will be released in waves promptly starting at 8:30 a.m. if not sooner, so don’t let a nervous pee get the best of you!!! You will find out your wave number in an email prior to the event and at packet pickup. It is very important you start your race in your assigned wave to get your correct time!!! No corrections will be done and a DQ will be issued if you go off in the wrong wave.

Transition Area Veterans Park

The transition area will open at 6:30 am and will close at 8:00 am sharp…you must be out of the transition prior to that time so we can properly start the race.  Hang your Bike/s on racks designated by your race number.  You will be given two wristbands with your bib number which will need to be secured to your wrist and on your bike.  You will need to place your gear under your bike or your partner’s bike if doing a relay. For the bike start you MUST wear a helmet and have your number visible. You MUST walk your bike in the transition area.  Mount and dismount your bike outside of the transition area.  Failure to do so will lead us to ridicule you, yell at you, belittle you, and then throw you in the river…we have special volunteers to take care of such tasks.  Absolutely no head phones on the bike!  Runners for relays will exchange their bib number with the chip at the designated exchange corral.

5k Canoe/Kayak

The canoe/Kayak trek on the Saginaw River starts at Veterans Park boat launch Bay City MITwo person canoes will be provided as part of your race entry fee. NO PERSONAL CANOES WILL BE ALLOWED…Kayaks are a different matter!!!

CANOE DIVISION ONLY: Personally owned single blade paddles will be permitted (DOUBLE BLADE PADDLES ARE NOT ALLOWED).

Life jackets will be available and MUST be worn during the entire canoe and Kayak trip (feel free to use your own). Please have your race numbers on. The paddle will take a minimum of 35 minutes (south up river for apx. 1mile, U-turn north to Liberty bridge apx 1.5 miles, U-turn back to boat launch (keeping the buoys on your left with the large yellow buoys as your U-turn). Plan on wearing shoes that could get wet.  Canoes/kayaks are started in waves and leave when a wave is ready.  To start a wave, one of the participants will hold a rope strung across the boat launch.  Be smart, take your time and no dirty tricks.  As much we like seeing them, our insurance policy doesn’t have a “dirty tricks” clause. We will have power boats on the river to help you if need be…if you can help it you don’t want a “need be” situation. Yikes!!  If you should tip one of the power boats will come to the rescue…help them help you by getting in the boat and helping them flip the canoe so you can get back in to continue. Interactive Map

20k Bike (2 loop!!!)

Leaving the transition area you will take a right onto JFK Drive up the ramp to Liberty Bridge, follow that just past Johnson St to do a turnaround, back to Liberty Bridge, to Walnut St south, turnaround at the end of the parking lot before Henry St, back to Midland St to JFK Drive, by the transition area to the end of JFK and a turnaround at Henry St., back to the transition area for a SECOND LOOP of the same.  Liberty Bridge use caution!!!  As you approach the drawbridge we would like you to move to the far right and onto the bike lane to stay off the drawbridge grates. Interactive Map

5k Run

What can we say but it will be a very scenic run!  The run course will be on the RIVERWALK from Veterans Park, an out-and-back along the Saginaw River.  The turnaround will be at the Bay City Rowing Club parking lot and doubling back.  The conclusion will be past the canoe launch area, along the river, next to Liberty Harbor Marina and back to Veterans Park pavilion for the finish under the cool blue arch, and remember to smile for the photographer!  Proceed through the shoot to get your finishers medal and food…remember to get an extra medal for your partner if doing a relay. Interactive Map

Packet Pick-Up

Packet pick-up will be on Saturday, September 16th at Jack’s Bicycle Shop, 207 3rd Street (989-684-1735) from 11:00 a.m.to 4:00 p.m. and on Sunday, September 17th at Veterans Park pavilion beginning at 7:00 a.m. One partner can pick up both packets. The packet will include your race bib with the chip timing. If your partner cancels a substitute may be recruited. Please notify the race director, John Shankool ASAP and submit the application and waiver by e-mailing to john@shankool.com.

Directions & Parking

Veterans Park Bay City MI is located next to Veterans Bridge M25 on the northwest side off of John F Kennedy Dr. Find the Helicopter and you’ve found the park!  Parking is available at the softball fields south of the park or the open field just north of the park next to Liberty Harbor Marina.

Please DO NOT park on John F Kennedy Dr., this will be used for the bike rout. Please DO NOT park on John F Kennedy Dr., it will used for the bike route.  Yes, you read that twice…must be important. Keep it clear for the bike portion of the event. There are PLENTY of parking at the softball fields to the south of Vet’s Park and the open field just north of the park next to Liberty Harbor Marina.  Please make your family and friends aware of the parking situation.

Relay Exchange Etiquette

  • At the exchange, alert your teammate by screaming and yelling.
  • The exchange MUST be done at the exchange corral.  DO NOT meet your partner at the bike rack!
  • Allow adequate space to execute the exchange. No pushing, no crowding, no peeing in the pool. Huh?…sorry, wrong list.
  • Exchange is usually made by making physical contact with your partner at the exchange corral. 😉
  • If doing “RELAY” make sure to exchange the race bib with the chip time!

For “team” teams, you will have two race bibs chips to combine your team time.  For “relay” teams, you will have one race bib chip & one race bib with no chip; the person that will bike should have the bib chip on during the canoe. upon returning form the bike the exchange will happen.

Kayakers, you don’t have to worry about number of bibs and exchanges and all that stuff that smart people need to worry about, so consider yourself “special”. 🙂

For your safety, ONLY racers with a race numbers will be permitted to enter the transition area, no exceptions and please abide by this rule. Please keep in mind: no one will be allowed to remove their bike and items until the last bike is off the bike course…you get to stick around and hang out with a cool group of Rotarians—lucky dog).

Please be a good sport to all and follow the rules.  Don’t force us to hurt you, we just don’t like to see the look on your loved ones faces when we have to “enforce” the law.


Canoe Teams and canoe relays will be scored separately. The all-male, all-female and co-ed categories under 80 and 80+ will be awarded a first-third place trophies in each category. Individual Kayak Division will be awarded as overall male and female first-third place (no age group category)

Unclaimed trophies can be picked up at Jack’s Bicycle Shop.

There will be a drawing for a road bike! One lucky participant will go home with a brand new bike!! Ooooh!!!  Must be present to win!!!

Finish the race and receive a finisher’s medal. Awards for team costumes: interested teams, dress as crazy, creative, and different as you would like…make sure you can compete AND finish in them safely. There will be giveaways for variety of categories such as the coveted first team to register, oldest, youngest, coolest team name, and furthest traveled…must be present for the giveaways, so stick around after the race!  *Categories may change*


Pre-race goodies: coffee, donuts, muffins and bagels. Post-race goodies: pizza, fruit, cookies, energy drinks and water. Water will be available at the end of the canoe and at the turnaround for the run.  Runners Performance, DJ Hidalgo, Your Healthy Balance massage therapists, Ray’s Bike shop and more will be at the event.

Bad Weather Policy

In the event of inclement weather, dangerous water conditions, or situations beyond our control the course may be modified, delayed or canceled. If modified than the event would be a duathlon consisting of a 2mile run – 20k bike – 5k run.

Click on the link above to view a map of the routes.
(If you don’t, you’re liable to get lost and start crying or get frustrated or both…you will have no one to blame but yourself)






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Sponsorship opportunities

Are you interested in being a sponsor in this exciting event? Check out the forms up top. The more money we raise the more money we give away!


Would you like to volunteer or know someone that would? Send Lori Appold (lori.appold@ahpplc.com) an email with your name, contact number and what you would like to help out with. We have plenty to do.



  1. Do both partners need to register?
    NO, one participant will register the team/relay.  Kayakers: it’s all you and only you.
  2. I do NOT have a partner can you provide me with one?
    Maybe, send us an email or comment on our Facebook page and if there are other participants looking we will try to match you up but no guarantees
  3. Can I do both the bike and run and my partner only canoe with me?
    YES, sign up as a relay. One of the participants will register and you guys pick your poison.
  4. Can I race solo?
    This year you can!  Register for the kayak division (new this year!).  If you want to canoe than that is still a team/relay event so find a partner!
  5. Will there be registration on race day? No, sorry.
  6. Is the race chip timed?  Yes.  “Teams” will have two bib chips, and “relays” will have one bib chip and one bib only.
  7. If my race partner is a no show on race day, may I still race?
    Yes, you may compete in the relay division and recruit a volunteer for the canoe portion. You would complete both the bike and run.
  8. Do I have to wear a helmet?
    Yes, it makes you look attractive to the opposite sex
  9. Can I wear headphones on the bike ride?
    NO, for safety reasons and we don’t like to throw rocks at people to get their attention.
  10. How long will the race take?
    That depends, how fast are you?
  11. When will I find out my wave time?
    A couple of day before the event and at packet pick-up
  12. When will the transition area close?
    8:00 sharp!
  13. How do “keep off grass” signs get there?
    Good question